Plumber Pete

Plumber Pete 1.11

The plumbing game for the new generation!


  • Easy to play
  • Nice challenge


  • Similar to other games

Very good

Plumbing is a difficult job at the best of times but poor Plumber Pete really has his work cut out in this puzzling strategy game.

The format will remind you of several similar games but what's a bit different in this one is the fun that comes from seeing Pete get into a bit of a panic as the water begins pouring down his pipes.

The aim of the game is to link up all the pipes using a limited number of monkey wrenches before water gushes from the leaks and floods the whole area. It starts off fairly easy but gets harder as you progress. Also, as you'd probably expect, you are working against the clock. Plumber Pete is an easy game to get playing without reading instructions and the challenges progress in difficulty at a decent rate.

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Plumber Pete


Plumber Pete 1.11

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